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The 27th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, ARITH-2020, was initially planned to be held in Portland, Oregon, USA on Jun 7-10, 2020. Due to the Covid-19 crisis all around the world in 2020, the face-to-face meeting has been canceled. However, the paper selection process was completed. The accepted papers have been included in the ARITH-2020 proceedings and will soon be published on IEEE Xplore. They are also posted in the Programme section of this web site.

Since 1969, the ARITH symposia have served as the most important forum for presenting the latest research in computer arithmetic and related areas, both from academia and industry. The topics of ARITH include number systems, algorithms for operations and mathematical functions, implementations, validation, hardware and software designs, and applications of computer arithmetic, including cryptography and machine learning.

Previous ARITH symposia have taken place in Kyoto, Japan (2019), Amherst, Massachusetts (2018), London, UK (2017), Santa Clara, California (2016), Lyon, France (2015), Austin, Texas (2013), Tubingen, Germany (2011), Portland, Oregon (2009), Montpellier, France (2007), Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2005), Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2003), Vail, Colorado (2001), Adelaide, Australia (1999), Asilomar, California (1997), Bath, UK (1995), Windsor, Ontario (1993), Grenoble, France (1991), Santa Monica, California (1989), Como, Italy (1987), Urbana, Illinois (1985), Aarhus, Denmark (1983), Ann Arbor, Michigan (1981), Santa Monica, California (1978), Dallas, Texas (1975), College Park, Maryland (1972), and Minneapolis, Minnesota (1969).

For ARITH-2020, 73 anonymous submissions have been submitted at the beginning of February. Following the peer-review practice of this symposium, each paper was blind-reviewed by at least three, and up to five, Program Committee members, and a final decision was made by the committee in mid-April. 40 PC members and several external reviewers were involved in this process. The technical program of ARITH-2020 includes 16 regular papers (8 pages) and 4 short papers (4 pages).

We would like to sincerely thank all the authors who submitted their research results during a very difficult period. We would also like to express our gratitude to the members of the Program Committee and the external reviewers, who contributed so much of their time and provided in-depth reviews of the papers. We sincerely appreciate the direction provided by the members of the Steering Committee. Finally, we are grateful to Alberto Cannav˛ as web chair and Robin C. Gilbert as finance chair for their support.

Support for this year's symposium was provided by the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on VLSI, Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, and Synopsys.

We hope to see you soon in a next edition of ARITH.

Marius Cornea, General Chair
Weiqiang Liu, Program Co-Chair
Arnaud Tisserand, Program Co-Chair

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